advancing the renewal & development of inner city El Paso...

                 ... by loving God, and loving our neighbors

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Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach is a 501(c)3 public charity serving the Rio Grande Neighborhood, a central community just north of downtown El Paso, Texas. We are located within walking distance of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Ciudad Nueva (“New City” in Spanish) seeks to embody the gospel of Jesus Christ by advancing the renewal and development of inner city El Paso through the transformation and empowerment of its residents. We currently work to accomplish this mission through programs related to :

  1. Youth Empowerment

  2. Family Support

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Leadership Development

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Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach

810 N. Campbell

El Paso, Texas 79902

(915) 521-2951- phone

(915) 533 1958- fax -email